Kandy and Miguel Intro

This series of stories about Kandy and Miguel has been a true delight to create and develop. They best fit under the Slice of Life category, meaning that they aren’t about extraordinary plots or ridiculous adventures. Instead, it follows two characters who happen to meet in a pre-Covid world. No masks, no infection rates, no polarizing politics. Like many out there, I miss life before Covid and this couple with their somewhat serendipitous circumstances allow me to visit a time when magic and chemistry between two people could easily be felt.

Just like real people, there are real conversations and confrontations that can (and do!) get out of control. There is no Fade to Black in real life. And accordingly, their vocabulary, their actions, the sensations, the imagery all will reflect the adult nature of the subjects and situations they navigate together. Life does not have a movie rating. They’re going to say and do what they’re going to say and do. 

Each posting is one of the stories cut like an episode to make reading easier and improve flow. All the posts will be linked together so that readers can keep track of the episodes they’ve already enjoyed. Not every entry into Kandy and Miguel’s story will include a sexually explicit scene. But they’re two people in love developing intimacy. It’s going to happen. Often. The evolving power dynamic between them is an important theme and this is explored extensively during acts of physical intimacy. 

So, my advice is not to read this at work or around family or any awkward place that might put the reader in a less than comfortable position once finished, if one can make it that far in one sitting. Feel free to scroll past the paragraphs of the two of them entangled together or skip dialogue that happens to feature words that still get censored on television. But, be aware that there are important details and character development woven into this material.

Where there was specific music I listened to that inspired certain scenes, I have made it a point to try and include a playlist either via Spotify or YouTube at the end of each post.


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Memories and Mimosas

Memories and Mimosas Playlist

“Hey, hey, sorry I’m late.” Kandajha in her delightfully vibrant athletic wear had sprinted across the wooden boardwalk to the deck where her aunt, Cassandra was admiring the view of Old Tampa Bay.

With the rather large cup of coffee nearly to her burgundy lips, Cassandra paused just enough to lean to the side to accept the kiss to her temple from her twenty-one year old niece. She was the walking image of Spring regardless of whatever month was on the calendar. Cotton candy pink lips and nails, black and Robin’s Egg blue stretch leggings and top, a koolaid purple zip-up hoodie and a pair of Sketchers that somehow incorporated all the aforementioned colours. That beautiful mane of thick chocolate curls was tossed over to one side and looked just as beautiful and voluminous as ever. Kandy was pure sunshine and vitality.

“I’m surprised they let you through wearing that getup.” The corners of Cassandra’s darkly painted mouth perked slightly as the pair shared a knowing little smile with each other. “Looks like the kid at the front of house still fancies you. Are you finally going to let him take you out then?”

Kandy brought her chair around more to Sandra’s side to afford herself a better view of the quiet beach and serene waters just a few hops away. Plopping down in the chair, she folded her hands in her lap and propped her feet up under the table on the chair position across from them. A somewhat heavy sigh came from the young girl.

“That’s my sigh of disdain. Is he not quite your thing?” Sandra perked a brow taking a healthy drink of the dark roast seasoned only with a pinch of salt.

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