Kandy and Miguel #10: The Park, Part Six.

Her brows popped. “You would take me to one?”

“If you wanted to go. I sure as shit ain’t lettin’ you go to one or some club or whatever alone.”

Hearing the slight edge in his voice, Kandy leaned forward to get a better look at his face. “Papi.”

“What, conejita?” Idly, he was rubbing his chin while she took it upon herself to return to her original position of straddling his lap and facing him.

“You’ve been to one of those places?” Both of her palms were now back to rubbing the front of his chest nice and slow.

He cautiously nodded as he eyed her. “After I got out here and settled. I thought it might be an easier way to find somethin’ casual. Wound up runnin’ into a lotta older couples with a certain interest.”

Kandy frowned and then kissed just above the center of his chest. Closing her eyes out of respect for the fact he wasn’t ready to reveal the tattoo that covered a good portion of his torso, she let her pointer finger pull down the neck of his tank so she could press her lips flush against his skin. There was something about that that just drove him crazy. With his hand disappearing into her hair to encourage her mouth to stay where it was, he let slip a groan when her tongue replaced her lips.


Not even a full breath later and he felt the urge to groan again when her palms snuck around his sides to massage his back beneath his top. Since there were no signs of her letting up, he gripped her roots from underneath the bulk of her hair just enough to separate her from his skin and correct the power imbalance. Those amber eyes flashed with the playful naughtiness he had come to enjoy as she took the time to straighten up the front of his tank to make sure the tattoo wasn’t visible. Even when she was stirring up trouble or teasing him, she had a way of using little gestures and expressions to remind him that her intent was never malicious or to be disrespectful.

Sitting there over his thighs in his lap, her hands went back to massaging the top of his hips and in toward his lower back. “You’re my Papi and nobody else’s.”

At first blush, it was cute the way she spoke. But the longer he watched her, the clearer he saw a possessiveness she had that was all her own. Still, her interest was intriguing to him in light of her tendency to enjoy fooling around in semi-public spaces. Was there enough of an exhibitionist inside of her to enjoy putting on a show or to let him tie her up in front of others? While he found her to be just as exquisitely beautiful as her submissiveness, Miguel didn’t know himself how he felt about putting her on display. 

“You don’t gotta play in the club, conejita. We can just watch together.”

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