Kandy and Miguel #4: The Office.

Kandy found herself standing outside the private upstairs office listening to Miguel become more and more heated with the guy on the phone. She sighed and closed her eyes whilst resting her head against the door frame. Seeing him on top of her, her hands in his hair, the initial str– Stop it. You have no fucking idea who this guy is and you can’t wait to be under him? Getting worked the fuck out, yes. I’m a grown ass woman and if I wanna f– He could be dangerous, Kandy. He’s not going to hurt me. He could be dangerous for you in ways you haven’t considered.

She was over waiting and arguing with herself. Walking in abruptly, she paused just long enough to lock the door and then started fishing her phone out of her bag. Miguel immediately turned still, tempered his tone, and cleared his throat. The cursing in English and Spanish stopped as well. Smoothing down his dress shirt, he felt caught out for how out of pocket he was being. It was clear he was still stuck in the stage of trying to present the best image of himself to her rather than the most forthright. Not even the smallest acknowledgement of his presence was given by her as she walked through the office, in between him at the desk on her left and the couch on her right. 

What is she doing? His dark gaze followed Kandy as she frustratedly yanked a cable out of a zipper pocket on her bag to plug into the aux port of the stereo system mounted in the far wall. She didn’t know if there were speakers in the other areas of the restaurant, but she couldn’t have cared less. A few taps to the illuminated screen of her phone later, the device was left with her bag and tennis shoes. Pitching the gum in the rubbish bin, she stepped barefoot up onto the cushion of the chair across from him before hopping off of it and onto the desk.

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Kandy and Miguel #3: The Restaurant, Part Two.

Flushed from the sensations, Kandy busied herself with her bag next to her feet all in an effort to avoid the waitress until she had collected herself. In contrast, Miguel sat quietly with his ankle on his knee except this time he was positioned a bit further under the table than he had been before. Knowing she was safely out of his sight, Kandy covered her face with her hand and did what she could to suppress the girlish laugh under the table. Did that actually happen? Yes Kandy, that actually happened. 

As much as her brain wanted to indict her for her seemingly reckless behaviour, Kandy kept returning to the feelings of familiarity and ease she experienced with Miguel. The emotionally unencumbered state he put her in reminded her of what life was like before certain events took place. He made her remember who she used to be, which was definitely causing a shift away from how she operated in what had become her ‘New Normal’. And operated was the correct word because it sure as hell wasn’t living.

“Sorry to interrupt again,” the waitress placed the three dishes down on the table, one for him and two for her. Nodding to his half empty mug, “You want a top off?”

“Yea, thanks Lydia.” Miguel cleared his throat while checking that his tie was straight.

Bringing over the carafe filled with fresh coffee, the waitress glanced over at Kandy, “What about your lady friend?”

“Can you bring Kandy some ice water?”

“The sun get to you, honey? You are a little red.”

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Kandy and Miguel #2: The Restaurant, Part One.

“I’m Kandy.” 

Stepping closer, he handed the camera off to her.  “Miguel.”

Taking it from him, she gestured with it before tucking it into her bag. “Thanks. Totally forgot it existed.” Biting her bottom lip, she could sense him watching her as she pocketed her keys.

“I wonder why that was, querida.” A slight tilt of his head caused a few of the longer layers of his dark hair to curve down around his cheekbones.

“Musta had my hands full with somethin’ more important.” When Kandy smiled up at him again he flashed her a sly half grin.

Kandy was cute in her ponytail and brightly coloured tennis shoes, seeming so sweet and unassuming as she stood there. It was quite the opposite from the siren who could’ve had him driving into the rocks earlier. She had trouble written all over her. The good kind though, the kind Miguel was beginning to realise he missed. A distracted pass of his skeleton tattooed hand down his jaw to his ink covered neck ended with another apprehensive straightening of his tie. Though he was incredibly handsome in his businessman threads, Kandy had to wonder if he felt like the striped fabric was strangling him with how buttoned up he was. For Miguel, the way she was looking at him was like an unspoken invitation to come play if he wanted.  

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Kandy and Miguel #1: The Bridge

The tail end of Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe was tumbling out of the stereo of the lilac Jeep Wrangler as it followed the graceful arc of the Clearwater Memorial Causeway that runs from downtown Clearwater straight out to the white sand coast on the Gulf of Mexico. An immediate downshifting followed now that the driver was face to face with a mental backup on the bridge. Both lanes were beginning to stack up on the westbound side and barely any traffic was coming from the beach. The open top, no windows, and no doors lifestyle was solely enjoyable when in motion. The idea of being stuck out under the hot sun was not Kandy’s idea of fun and she could feel herself burning already.

Inching her way up, she took her spot behind a tattered burgundy and tan Expedition and next to a white mid 90s Mercedes Benz S600 sedan that looked like it had just been cut out of a Vacpack. The paint was well kept. No scratches, haziness, or swirls from where she was sitting. The headlamps were clear and bright. Even the stock non-polished wheels looked brand new. Really the only modification to it she could spot was the rather dark limo tint.

“A little crazy from the start…” The opening vocals of Slow Burn by Jaira Burns began to play, pulling her attention away from the Benz. Reaching into the ashtray, she pulled out a lighter she kept stashed for emergencies like these while lifting her denim clad hips to fish something out of a front pocket. There was a struggle to reach something in those rather tight short shorts. Her very tight and very short shorts. It might’ve been September, but it was still hot as hell in Tampa Bay and whatever was left of the strawberry milkshake from Steak n Shake was already turning into a pink pool inside the styrofoam cup in the console holder. Finally, the neatly rolled joint was retrieved and placed between her lips, which happened to be glossed in a colour that matched the body of the Jeep and the lenses of her heart-shaped sunglasses.

Miguel’s brown eyes quickly ran through the same rotation they had done for the last four minutes. First the black and steel encased SLR wristwatch by Tag Heuer on his left wrist, then to the clock dial in the gauge cluster, before lastly ending with a flash of his Samsung’s lock screen. This was quite possibly an ominous sign from the heavens above. He was sure he was gonna be late. If it wasn’t the accident on the other side, then it would be from not being able to find a parking spot down by the pier.

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Kandy and Miguel Intro

This series of stories about Kandy and Miguel has been a true delight to create and develop. They best fit under the Slice of Life category, meaning that they aren’t about extraordinary plots or ridiculous adventures. Instead, it follows two characters who happen to meet in a pre-Covid world. No masks, no infection rates, no polarizing politics. Like many out there, I miss life before Covid and this couple with their somewhat serendipitous circumstances allow me to visit a time when magic and chemistry between two people could easily be felt.

Just like real people, there are real conversations and confrontations that can (and do!) get out of control. There is no Fade to Black in real life. And accordingly, their vocabulary, their actions, the sensations, the imagery all will reflect the adult nature of the subjects and situations they navigate together. Life does not have a movie rating. They’re going to say and do what they’re going to say and do. 

Each posting is one of the stories cut like an episode to make reading easier and improve flow. All the posts will be linked together so that readers can keep track of the episodes they’ve already enjoyed. Not every entry into Kandy and Miguel’s story will include a sexually explicit scene. But they’re two people in love developing intimacy. It’s going to happen. Often. The evolving power dynamic between them is an important theme and this is explored extensively during acts of physical intimacy. 

So, my advice is not to read this at work or around family or any awkward place that might put the reader in a less than comfortable position once finished, if one can make it that far in one sitting. Feel free to scroll past the paragraphs of the two of them entangled together or skip dialogue that happens to feature words that still get censored on television. But, be aware that there are important details and character development woven into this material.

Where there was specific music I listened to that inspired certain scenes, I have made it a point to try and include a playlist either via Spotify or YouTube at the end of each post.


Kandy and Miguel #1: The Bridge.
Kandy and Miguel #2: The Restaurant, Part One.
Kandy and Miguel #3: The Restaurant, Part Two.
Kandy and Miguel #4: The Office.

Back to Red: Part Two

**Be sure to read both the Prologue and Part One in this series.**

Anzhelina sighed. “They’re gonna kill you, Sandy.”

Cassandra remained quiet as she stared at her now folded hands. With some reluctance she pulled her arms back just enough to separate her fingers from each other and examine her slender digits. A flex of her joints and all ten curled like claws before they were relaxed back into a natural position with a slight curve in their pose.

“Just for saying that, they’re gonna kill you and then Cicero.”


“And then me and then Asher and then probably Kand–”

“I don’t intend on telling them.” A quicker tighter clenching of her grip formed fists for a few seconds before she released them and looked over at her half-sister, “Do you?”

Up went those ash brows, the blonde was quite surprised that Sandra managed to ask the question. This was the woman who didn’t dare ask for help or admissions of loyalty from anyone. The potential refusals or silence itself would have been too much for her. Yet here she was in her kitchen asking her sibling to finally pick a side. And to do so convincingly. A remarkable shift.

“Gray said they may be considering doing a deal with Sandulf.” Angie’s hands ran through her own hair to smooth down some of the sections before she retied her bob into a short ponytail. “You know what that means for me and for Asher.”

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Back to Red: Part One

Please click here (Back to Red: Prologue) to read the first post in this series. Part Two has been posted.

And here Cassandra was, laying on her kitchen floor staring at a clump of dog hair she had somehow missed whenever the last time was that she had swept. What have you done, Cassandra? What have you done? It wasn’t Zoraida’s voice that she heard echoing within her thoughts, but rather her own.

Giving Cassandra a moment to collect herself, Anzhelina folded in the blade of her knife and tucked it back into its hiding place. Satisfied that she had put her sister in the right frame of mind to receive the message, the blonde stepped forward and began snapping her fingers in front of Sandra’s face.

“Hey, hey! Focus.” Angie’s tone was indifferent to the writhing going on underneath her.

It hurt a lot less than Sandra expected. However, it did surprise her that the assault had such an impact on her breathing. Her chest was left feeling as if it was hydrolocked like one of the many poor souls who foolishly forged ahead on a flooded Bayshore Boulevard. The risk of danger had looked deceptively minimal. Was she bleeding into her chest cavity? Was the increase in fluid preventing air from filling and expanding her lungs? Is that what was happening? Thunk-thunk, thunkthunkthunk. The arrhythmia pounded against the inside of her ribs and triggered a half cough seizing her lungs again as she struggled still to breathe. Could blood be pouring out of her that quickly? Maybe she was already in shock. Her arms felt so heavy, like lead really. The buzzing tingle that swept over her shoulders, down those languid limbs, and ended in her fingertips almost made it feel like there had been an assault on her nervous system. She had to question whether she had any control whatsoever over them, yet somehow she managed to pull them in tighter around her midsection.

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Memories and Mimosas

Memories and Mimosas Playlist

“Hey, hey, sorry I’m late.” Kandajha in her delightfully vibrant athletic wear had sprinted across the wooden boardwalk to the deck where her aunt, Cassandra was admiring the view of Old Tampa Bay.

With the rather large cup of coffee nearly to her burgundy lips, Cassandra paused just enough to lean to the side to accept the kiss to her temple from her twenty-one year old niece. She was the walking image of Spring regardless of whatever month was on the calendar. Cotton candy pink lips and nails, black and Robin’s Egg blue stretch leggings and top, a koolaid purple zip-up hoodie and a pair of Sketchers that somehow incorporated all the aforementioned colours. That beautiful mane of thick chocolate curls was tossed over to one side and looked just as beautiful and voluminous as ever. Kandy was pure sunshine and vitality.

“I’m surprised they let you through wearing that getup.” The corners of Cassandra’s darkly painted mouth perked slightly as the pair shared a knowing little smile with each other. “Looks like the kid at the front of house still fancies you. Are you finally going to let him take you out then?”

Kandy brought her chair around more to Sandra’s side to afford herself a better view of the quiet beach and serene waters just a few hops away. Plopping down in the chair, she folded her hands in her lap and propped her feet up under the table on the chair position across from them. A somewhat heavy sigh came from the young girl.

“That’s my sigh of disdain. Is he not quite your thing?” Sandra perked a brow taking a healthy drink of the dark roast seasoned only with a pinch of salt.

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Back to Red: Prologue

For the next part of this series, please click here (Back to Red: Part One).

Grey. eyes lazily opened allowing Tuesday’s mid-morning sun to sear through the sliver of Sandra’s retinas that her eyelids had reluctantly exposed. A grumble was muffled as she turned her features into the musty, but still technically clean pillow that had been kept warm by the side of her face. Sweet relief washed over her as darkness flooded her sight. Light was the enemy at this point, but it hadn’t always been. In fact, the way the light blossomed into a healthy glow through the open white-painted Plantation shutters within the room was one of the reasons why she had purchased the Hyde Park bungalow in South Tampa. Above was the soft strumming of the large ceiling fan accompanied by the intermittent clink of its pull chain dancing against its frosted glass light fixtures shaped like lilies. Still, her body nagged at her.

Wearing a pair of lightweight cotton drawstring pyjama pants and her favourite oversized University of Miami t-shirt, she managed to find the perfect temperature for the bed sheet to be pulled up around her shoulders. With the air conditioning set to seventy-two and the fan going, anything exposed was frosty whilst everything under cover remained slightly toasty. Maybe if she just lay there quietly for a few minutes her body would relent as she drifted back off to sleep. Turning her face so that her cheek could cuddle into the pillow, a lighter shade of darkness now pressed into her covered vision. With her left arm and leg tossed across a large U-shaped pillow that was as long as she was tall, Sandra gripped the comfy cushion and waited for rest to retake her.

The pressure and pains in her lower abdomen persisted and the brunette sighed frustratedly. Sandra had to go to the bathroom. She wasn’t about to lay in her own piss as this would’ve ruined the very lovely mattress that had been serving up cloud nine relaxation for the last few weeks. It was the most plush of jail cells this side of a padded room. The house was silent and still all but for the ceiling fan and the circulating air via the handler hidden in a closet on another floor. She had missed the pleasant melodies of the morning birds hopping along their branches in the massive Oak tree planted just outside in the front yard. Even in the state she was in, the pleasantness of the birds’ songs was still able to touch her heart as her headboard shared a wall with them. Sometimes this was a welcomed moment of brightness. On other days, like this one, she was relieved to have not heard them at all. Something so sweet and free as birds proved to be too painful in certain moments.

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Short Story (Ferrari) – A Hard Day’s Drive Redux

Like many car lovers, I sometimes spend my free time perusing sale listings of cars I dream about. Now days, most dealers photograph every inch of a supercar revealing many details that the public haven’t been privileged enough to see. Naturally, when I came across Ferrari of South Bay’s listing for an Azzurro California 575 Superamerica, I fell madly in love again. When I first started out photographing cars, I often visited Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale (at the time called Shelton). One day I happened to visit when they received a beautiful 575 Superamerica and were loading it up on a truck. The driver explained that the owner preferred all his Ferrari and Maserati to be in this colour. He was also kind enough to demonstrate the roof flip for me. Good memories. Seeing the listing for such a rare Ferrari in one of my all-time favourite colours reminded me of a short story I wrote a few years back for Tumblr.

Here it is, A Hard Day’s Drive, re-imagined and expanded featuring a companion playlist from both YouTube and Spotify.

  1. Acquainted by The Weeknd
  2. Heaven in Hiding by Halsey
  3. Fetish by Selena Gomez feat. Gucci Mane

Nobody walks like you do. Your tempo strolls the very fine line between arrogant and confident. Unequivocally authoritative. You have your own staccato beat manufactured by the unexpectedly satisfying hollow echo of those black Berluti Continue reading “Short Story (Ferrari) – A Hard Day’s Drive Redux”